5 Things You Need for the Perfect Outdoor Movie Party


Don’t take the gazebo down just yet. Summer, or some version of it, is still in full swing—and thus, so is your ability to enjoy it. Every year around this time, my family and I prepare for an annual summer tradition of our own: our backyard movie party. Summer must end at some point, but before it does, we break out the A/V gear, fire up the grill, and send it out with a bang. This type of party always goes over well with my outdoorsy crowd. There’s something about a big screen, good company, and good food that makes you appreciate all the awesomeness this time of year has to offer. Thankfully, this level of greatness isn’t difficult to achieve, nor is it as expensive as you may think. Check out our list and let me help you live your best summer.

Before we jump into in, let’s get some prerequisites out of the way. For starters, lighting and weather conditions cannot be overlooked. Projectors and outdoor displays perform at their best in darkened environments. So, plan to start your party after sundown and in ideal weather conditions. If you have a covered porch or deck, first, I’m jealous, but you may be able to get the party started a little earlier; a dark environment will further enhance the movie experience. When it comes to the weather, the goal isn’t just to protect your guests from the elements, it’s also important to keep your gear safe. Lots of A/V equipment has air-circulation vents that shouldn’t be near water, so be sure to check for a clear forecast. Another worthwhile consideration is space—while you won’t need half an acre to throw a movie party, planning around the real estate you do have is important.

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